The Three of Us

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Yes, I know it has been a very long time since I posted chapter. Life has been hectic, I apologize. Here goes chapter 2 though!!



Next day, friday

“Hey Jayse, hold up!” Thad yells, trying to catch up with me.

“Hey dude, what’s up?” I ask

After a quick fist-bump, we continue down the hall and he says, “Can we meet up after school? I want to talk to you. Maybe catch a DVD at my house?”

“Sure thing. Let me text Mom and let her know”, I reply. Damn, my heart’s beating a mile a minute! Gay or straight, it’s great that I get to spend some 1 on 1 time with him.

“Cool, meet me by the fountain right after class. See ya then, gotta run!”

“Ciao!” I reply. God, how dorky could I be, I think, laughing at myself.

The rest of the day goes painfully slow. Isn’t that the way it always happens when you are looking forward to something? It drags on and on, until finally the last bell rings.  head to my locker to get my homework assignments out to take home, then off to the fountain to meet up with Thad. He isn’t there quite yet, so I sit down to wait while I text Mom and tell her the plan for this evening. Thad shows up before she texts me back and we chat a bit as we start walking to his house. Boy am I nervous! My Mom texts me back, breaking the lull in conversation a bit. We turn onto Thad’s street, and it is quiet, big houses, big yards, neat lawns. It’s on a cul-de-sac with only a few other houses set pretty far apart from the neighborhoods I am used to.

We turn up a long winding sidewalk leading to a humongous 2 story house set back from the street. I get even more nervous as I realize there is a cop car in the driveway.

Thad notices my look over to the squad car and says “my Dad is a cop. No worries”, as he laughs at the look on my face.

“He works ’til around 11 tonight, so he must just be home for lunch”, he tells me. Not that I have anything to be afraid of with the police, but just the thought sometimes makes me jittery. “Mom won’t be home ’til 5:30 or so, and Dad won’t bug us. We can just go up to my room and watch a movie”, he continues.

“Cool. My Mom gets home around 6:30, but she said I could be home by 10. I think it’s probably only like, maybe a 10 minute walk or so”, I tell him.

As we walk in the door, Thad yells out, surprising me, “Dad, I’m home! And I have a friend with me!” Geez, he’s got a set of lungs on him!

As he’s yelling, a good-looking man walks around the corner. “No need to yell, I’m right here. Who’s your friend?” he asks, then looks over to me, “I’m Thad’s Dad, Victor Brandt.”

“Dad, this is Jayce Dorcet. We met at school today.”

I go to shake his hand and say, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Brandt.”

“Nice to meet you as well, Jayce.”he replies while shaking my hand. “Don’t worry, I won’t ruin your fun. I’m gonna go start dinner,” he says. Then, completely straight-faced, he continues, “The porn is in the DVD player. Sorry Thad, I started without you.”

My jaw drops, and I look over at Thad as he snaps back at his Dad, “Dad, he just met you. Don’t give him a hard time already! He doesn’t know your sense of humor. Jayse, he’s leaving. Don’t worry, he doesn’t have porn in the DVD player.”

I smirk and reply, “Damn. Too bad.” Thad smiles as his Dad lets out a bark of loud laughter. “Oh no? Well, you’re right, this time. But if I had known you were bringing a friend home, I would have thrown in one of your gay DVDs!” he says, still laughing.

My head snaps over to Thad quick enough to see his face go blood red, then immediately blanche of all color as he looks at me out of the corner of his eye.

“Daaaad!”, he shrieks, looking like he’s in complete panic mode. “STOP IT! I HAVEN’T EVEN TOLD HIM YET!”

“Oh shit! I’m sorry Thad! Jayse! I…I…well fuck. I’m just gonna go,” he says as he walks out of the room shaking his head.

Thad is muttering under his breath, I can’t really hear what he’s mumbling. He won’tmake eye contact and just looks at his feet as he begins “Jayse, I…umm…”

I can’t let him continue in his panic. ” Thad, it’s ok,” I say, as I’m thinking ‘omg, if I’m wrong, I’m not only going to ruin this friendship, but my entire high school career’. “I, um, was kinda hoping you were”.

It’s Thad’s turn to whip his head up and over to me with eyes wide and mouth hanging open. It takes only a few seconds, and a few dozen different looks to cross his face, then he blushes again and asks “hoping I was what?”

“Gay. I’m hoping you are gay. Or all my flirting today was just a complete waste!” I tell him, winking.

Thad gets this evil smirk on his face, and says “you call that flirting? Seriously?! We will definitely have to work on that.”

“Fucker!” I yell, laughing while I take a step towards him and lightly punch him in the arm.

“Fuckee!” he yells, and punches me back.

“WHOA there! I never said anything about all that! I just…I’m…”I say, blushing to my roots! As i was talking, he was stepping closer without me really noticing.

“Well, if you are gonna tell me you were hoping I was gay, I think you must be interested”, and there’s that evil little smirk again. Wow, from panic to confident on 0.5 seconds! Still blushing, and now giggling, I say “Hell yes, I’m interested! But no one knows about me at school. I’ve made myself a bit of a womanizer to keep the spotlight off me, so you may here some bad things about me.”

“I don’t listen to rumors”, he states as he leans in and presses his lips to mine. The kiss is fantastic! Perfect for my first. With a guy, anyway. There’s tongue, but no groping, we keep our hands on each others hips until I finally pull away.

We’re both smiling as I say “glad we got that out of the way.”

“Yeah, me too. I wasn’t planning on coming right out at a new school, but honestly I don’t really care about what other people think. I can understand why you’d do that, but I’d like to hang with you some. I hope we can figure something out. Anyways, let’s grab drinks and something to snack on ’til Mom gets home to make dinner. I know damn well Dad wasn’t going to make it!” he says, laughing. “That is, if you are still staying awhile?”

“Oh yeah, I’m staying”, I tell him.


Only For You

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Why am I here?
Why do I stay?
There is nothing to hold me,
not to this place.
No one to catch me,
if I were to fall into nightmare.
Yet here I stay.
Yet here I am.
The water is part of my soul,
but not the reason for being.
The fire, part of my mind,
but not the reason for living.
So, why do I stay?
The air is not as clean as it could be,
but more pure than many places I’ve been.
But that is not enough
to keep me prisoner here, alone.
The earth calls to me,
but it is muffled through the pain.
Love is the meaning, and the intention,
but it will leave me here in this place forever.
A captive, tied up and held down.
So why am I here?
I’m in the right place,
but the wrong time.
In a crowd,
but alone.
Eternity in the blink of an eye,
though a minute feels like centuries.
I no longer have a place here.
Something keeps me here though.
Time to reconsider things,
all that fate has dealt
and what cards it still has to play.
Remember, fate is a cruel master.
Looking back, I must crave cruelty,
Emotions are my nemesis,
my most hated enemy.
And they bind tighter than any rope or chain.
So my answer, why am I here?
For you.
Why do I stay?
Only for you, my dear.
Only for you.

Dear Readers,

I have finally gotten my shit together and have a way to post! This is the first chapter of my story THE THREE OF. I hope you like it. I do not have a beta reader or editor, so any mistakes are completely my own, and this is my first crack at writing, so please be patient with me (productive criticism is fine, but if you are one of those people who just like to tear shit apart and  make the writer feel bad, fuck off. I won’t let your negativity bother me in the least). Enjoy!


p.s. i do not own the rights to this pic, i got it on shutterstock. <<<


Chapter One

Laying on my bed alone, I’m trying not to think about him. Useless. The new boy has caught my eye, and my interest. I was quite content to fake-date girls until after high school, but now Thad has me yearning to be true to myself. Ugh. Damn it, I don’t even know if he’s gay! I could just be pining after the impossible.

“Jayse, dinner’s ready!” Mom yells up the stairs.

“Okay, be right down” I answer.

**10 minutes later**

“I’m fine Mom. Just not that hungry.” I’m really not hungry. My guts feel like a twisted pretzel.

“You’re just pushing your food around your plate. Something’s wrong, so out with it. Are you and Danielle having problems?” she asks. Pushy, as usual.

“No. Yes. I…” I can feel how red my face is getting. I never could lie to my Mom very well.

“Enough. Spill it. What’s up?”

“I…oh hell, I broke up with Dani. I couldn’t be true to her when I want someone else. It’s not fair to either of us.” I say, getting even more nervous.

“Well, that’s honest. I’m proud of you for not stringing her along. It’s not easy to see that in yourself sometimes.” Mom tells me.

I sigh. A deep breath, I let it out, and I decide to go ahead.

“There’s more. You may not like it.”

“Okay, tell me” she says as she pushes her plate to the side, giving me her full attention.

“My other interest is, um, not someone you’d expect. And I’m not even sure if he’s interested in me.” I blurt out.

It takes a minute as I watch her face go from that ‘I’m paying attention to what you’re saying’ look to that of ‘oh, i HEARD what you just said’ look. Comprehension dawns right there in front of me. Shit, have I completely fucked up?

She takes a long drink of her wine, then looks right at me and says, ‘Just to be sure, I did hear ‘if HE’S interested’ didn’t I?

“Yes Mom. I had planned on waiting awhile to talk to you, but meetin Thad has changed plans. Are you okay with it?” I know Mom loves me, and I really didn’t expect this to be a big deal, but you never know. It’s that 1% chance that scares the shit out of me.

She rolls her eyes and says “of course I’m okay with it. I love you no matter what, just a bit surprised is all. With all the girls you’ve dated, this wasn’t even on my radar. I was more worried about you getting someone pregnant! Guess that’s one worry off my mind. ” She giggles a bit as she says this, and walks over to hug me.

“I don’t find this funny at all”, I say. “What are you laughing about?”

“Well, it IS a bit funny, considering the fact that my brother, your Uncle Brad is gay. And I was a bit blindsided by this. Your father insisted on keeping it from you. He was quite homophobic, and didn’t want Brad anywhere near you. I’ve kept in touch with Brad without your father knowing. He just lives on the north side, and I would sneak visits occasionally.” she told me.

I knew that Mom had a brother, but I never met him. Now I knew why. I never got along with my Dad, not really, but he died in a motorcycle accident 5 years ago.

“Jayse, I guess it’s time you met your Uncle Brad, if you want. We can go this weekend, spend Saturday afternoon with him. What do you think?

“Absolutely! Why did you keep me from him after Dad died?”, I asked.

“Habit, I guess. And Brad was afraid of how you would react, worried that you had picked up your father’s beliefs about gays.” she answered. “I’m going to assume that is not going to be a problem now, right?”, she asked with a smirk.

I’m gonna say no, not a problem!”, I answered, excited about the prospect of finally meeting my uncle.

You are, and always have been, my Lighthouse. The light from your soul keeps me from crashing onto the rocks. You save me, and get me safely through every storm. 


I had a dream tonight. I was holding my exboyfriend, at his work…sorta. I was so happy that my brain didn’t pick up that it was just a dream. I did not realize I missed him so much.

It’s been 15 years since we “dated”. And we completely lost contact over 6 years ago, when I moved to Charleston. We were friends through all these years, or so I thought. Obviously our friendship meant more to me than to him since he was given my number months ago and has not bothered himself to call.

Sometimes I truly think that Love is overrated, and that most humans would be better off without it messing up their brains and their lives. I’ve always loved him. And I always will. Seems like I will be missing him for the rest of my days, as few or as many as they may be.

ok everyone, typing this on my phone, soplease excuse any mistakes! Here goes…

“He’s ours now. They both are. No matter the reasons, their ives were hell and they had no family. They do now, WE are their family! And we WILL actually protect them. Even from you!” I’m guessing that I had no idea how loud I had become, but when I turned around with Thad’s hand in mine, everyone nearby was looking at us. Including Tucker, Charlie and Travis, with their mouths hanging open. Thad and I did not stop walking. Hand in hand, we walked back to the front of the protest, so we were not privy to the next statement from Mom to Mrs. Fowler.

“My son was exactly right, Mrs. Fowler. You alliwed your hysband to nearly destroy those boys. Tucker has a record because of it. The one responsibility above all others for a parent is to keep their children safe. And you couldn’t even do that. If those boys ever ask my opinion, I will tell them to forgive you. But I will also tell them to never allow you back into their lives. Email me your contact info just in case they choose to see you. The difference between you and me is this: I will still love them even if they don’t do what I think is best for them.’ And with that, she walked away.

“Your Honor, I think you need to see it,” Charlie tells the Judge. 

The boys stepped in front of the Judge, turned their backs to him, and Charlie took his shirt off then helped his brother raise the back of his shirt. “Gonna show him the rest, Tucker. Just another minute and it will be over.”

He pulled down the back of the pants his brother was wearing, making sure that the front stayed up. I heard the Judge gasp, look at Charlie and say, “you too?” Charlie said nothing, just pulling the back of his own pants down, pulling another gasp from the Judge while he shook his head.

“Bailiff, I want Mr. Fowler placed under arrest. Now. And I want pictures of this. Mr. Prosecutor, I am putting you on this, and I want him away from the human race for as long as possible. You will also be dealing with Mrs. Fowler. Charlie, was your mother beaten as well?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Then same as the boys, Mr. Prosecutor. Mrs. Dorcet, your plan?”


note: This excerpt is from a ways into the book. It gives away a bit, but raises many questions as well. The excerpt also did not have Jayce or Thad in it, but Mrs. Dorcet is Jayce’s mom, and Tucker’s attorney. Now does it make a little more sense? Lol

Soon, soon I will have my laptop and be able to begin typing out my chapters off my notebooks!


With all the crazy shit going on in the world lately, i really needed to find something positive to post. I finally found it in a post by my friend NightTempest. This is the post for one day last week. I’m posting it here with permission. It’s truly a great thing, and I’m proud to call Night my friend! Enjoy, friends!
Everyday like clockwork I go into Starbucks.  Anybody who knows me, knows how much I love that damn place.  The baristas–both near my work and my home–know me by name and my voice in the drive-thru.  Some may find that a bit crazy but I look at it as a reward for a long damn day about to begin and then on the way home as a reward for putting up with the shit I put up with.  It’s my thing and crazy or not, something about the tiny coffee haven relaxes me.   So I go inside last night because the drive-thru is packed with beach goers and I’m like no friggin way am I sitting there for fifteen minutes. Plus I know my friend Adam is working and if I go inside, he’ll give me a free cookie. 🙂 Night+Cookie=Sparkles. Once inside, I notice the line.  The big ass, almost out the door line and i groan but I’m already out of the car, so I decide to stay.  This is where the real plot begins. Lol. But no seriously, have you ever had that moment that you knew you were meant to be there? At that exact time, at that exact place?  Divine intervention people. It’s real. So not to sound like a crazy person but if I wasn’t a believer in fate before, I am now.  Three or four people get their coffee in the next round of line moving and it’s then that I notice the couple in front of me.  The two boys (early twenties), one smiles at the other and then he kind of rub shoulders with the blonde guy and I’m curious but not a creeper so I kind of glance away.  When I look back, the boy on the left looks really upset but is *trying* not to show it.  His now obvious boyfriend puts an arm around his shoulders and looks to my far left.  Then I notice the source of upset. Two guys and a girl are at a table glaring at the boys.  I should also tell you that I live in the most tight ass conservative town you’ve ever seen.  We have a church on almost every other block, way too many republicans, and a pre-dominately Dutch population. Or rather people who think they’re Dutch but just come off as a bunch of prissy moronic snobs. (My dad’s parents are from the Netherlands and they laugh at what our town considers ‘heritage’ when they come to visit.   Let’s put it that way.) Now let’s imagine the town’s view on gay rights and acceptable behavior as far as any lgbt individual is concerned shall we?  It’s down right disgusting the way they treat them.  Now I happen to know the girl that’s with them and know she’s just a straight bitch but the two boys are the ones that stand up and make for the trash station which happens to be right behind the gay couple.  That’s when things get real.  I’ve hung around with enough boys (3 brothers?) to know the look that goes through a guy’s eyes when he’s about to do something he knows he’s not supposed to but enjoys doing anyways.  They both had it and I stepped in front of the gay couple without saying anything.   I turned and acted like I was waiting for my turn but didn’t miss the confused looks from both parties.  The dumb ass twins stopped and the one smirked as I turned and smiled at him sweetly.  He pulled the lid off his sorta empty coffee cup and was about to throw it over the guys and into the trash–trying to dump the remaining contents on the guys from above.  This was when I cleared my throat and made a show of putting out my hand and telling them I would throw it out for them.  Everybody watched because I said it *really* loud. 😀 The guys looked at each other and then handed over the cup after seeing that Adam and the entire staff was watching as well.   They mumbled ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’ on the way out but I blew them a kiss and continued to wait in line.  The girl rolled her eyes and nudged me as she passed.  I kissed her boyfriend once in uh…high school….get over it wench.  Anyway, everything was normal again–the crappy indie music was going, grinders were making me grit my teeth, people on laptops…blah blah.  Then the boyfriend pulled the upset guy close and kissed him on the lips.  A few people noticed and a few people moved away.  Above the fact that two guys kissing is like a major turn on,  that they did it out in the open in this town took some balls.  It was like a true fuck you to anyone that was watching and I kind of wanted to fist pump but then I would have truly looked like a drunken crazy bitch, so I didn’t. I smiled when they glanced at me with a nod.  I knew they knew what I did but I wasn’t out to make a scene over it.  I would just hope someone would do it for me if the roles had been reversed so I just nodded back.  When they got to the counter the boy on the right stepped aside and told me to go ahead with a smile.  The boy on the left nodded but still looked upset and backed up.  Adam of course was his bouncy self and hugged me over the counter and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  And a cookie! Wahhhh sooooo good. Anywho, we chatted for a minute and I got an idea.  The boys had their backs turned and were in some serious conversation, so I slipped Adam an extra fifteen and said to pay for their drinks. He gave me the cute pouty face and hugged me again before we talked about having dinner at my house on Friday (today).  I waved and got my drink as he greeted the gay couple.  Of course he knew them. Lol. Adam knows everybody. Smh with a grin. I left and that was that.  I didn’t stick around to see what they thought, I just figured it was a bit of goodwill and I’ve done it before.  No biggie.  Boy was I soooo wrong.   So fast forward to tonight.  I got out of work a little early today and went home to start up the grill with my bf and a few of our close friends.  D and his brothers and their people are there and the party is hoppin a bit (it’s actually still going :D, I just had to get this out quick).  Then Adam shows up and pulls me inside away from the crowd.  There in my living room is the couple from Starbucks.  I’m like whoa! Uh ok.  So I awkwardly say hello because I’m kind of floored and they say hey back.  Then Tim (Mr. Upset) walked up to me and gave me a big hug.  Now I don’t know this guy or his boyfriend and he’s hugging me like we’re family. He doesn’t let go for a minute but when he does he’s got tears all over his face and when someone cries, it makes me wanna cry.  ♥♥ Tim, with the help of Ryan–his boyfriend–explained that right before they went to Starbucks yesterday, Tim had come out to his parents.  To make a long story short, they made it clear he was no longer allowed in their home.  Making matters worse, the boys at Starbucks knew the couple from the college they attend and are known for their dislike of gays and black people. Which makes sense if they hang out with that girl (her dad is a member of the militia=fucked up). So the day had been rough times ten and Tim told me that it took everything he had not to burst into tears at Starbucks when I stepped in front of them and took that cup away.   After I left and they had found out about me paying for their drinks, they insisted on thanking me personally, so Adam brought them along.  Ryan was the one who mentioned the fate aspect of it all.  He said it could not have played out better if he had imagined it.  While they had been in line, they were talking about the good in some people and that not everyone would turn their back on them because they were gay.  Then I came in when Tim was ten seconds from losing it and proved Ryan’s point.  That’s when I broke down because hell, who wouldn’t?  We talked about a lot of personal issues that my own family faced and how lucky Tim was to have Ryan and a few other things but by the end of their visit?  I know Tim felt better.  We’re getting together next weekend and I have a feeling they’ll be part of our little group in no time.  They’re seriously two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. The moral of all this to me?  You have no idea the effect you have on people.  Whether it’s your words, your actions, or the look in your eyes, someone is watching and listening to you.  What do you want them to see?  What do you want them to hear?  Don’t be afraid of being the minority in any situation.  If you feel the way you feel, don’t be shy.  Speak up. Sweet dreams everyone ~XOXOXO NIGHTTEMPEST