gays and religion

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’m very disappointed in the people of our country. Not only does each minority have to struggle to achieve their own equality, but then the freedom of religion is practically non-existent. The radical conservative christians feel that we should all live by their morals and beliefs…so why not just call this the United States of Iraq? If religion is going to be the basis for our laws, then we will be no different than any other country run by religion. It will gain power, then be corrupted by it, just as usual with anything that gains power over others. I don’t feel that religious people are better than anyone else, but I do believe that they have a right to live by their beliefs. BUT they should NOT be allowed to push those beliefs on everyone else. Christianity is about love, and about living your faith, living YOUR life by your beliefs, NOT about pushing those beliefs on others.

The other thing about all this….and this is what the christian rightwing forgets….is that when you force gay men and women to closet themselves and forbid their open loving of each other, then what happens?? The gay men and women  force themselves to conform to the “norm” of society. Which means that those gay people out there that will not come “out” because of the way gays are treated are going to marry straight people someday, and have children. How many of you Christians out there want your child to marry someone who is not true to themselves, and will someday feel so out of touch with him/herself as to either come out anyway (breaking the heart of your son/daughter that has a life with them), or to completely introvert their feeling about the same sex, and possibly commit suicide, leaving your son/daughter without a spouse and your grandchildren without a parent. There are even the middle of the road events that could occur….escalated drug/alcohol use along with the depression that society inflicts upon us because of the way we are treated, and even violence stemming from having to live a lie for years and years.  So, in reality, they are hurting the “institute of marriage” much more by NOT giving us equality. Live by your faith and beliefs, but leave me alone and let me have a life of my own!


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