feb 4 2011

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ah the life! Waiting for the money to get the paperwork together for my cab job, and took Crysta to work today. Other than that, I’ve been fairly lazy today! 🙂 I laid in bed and read my book and dozed on and off, which feels great, since I haven’t been sleeping well. Watched a movie called Let Me In last night, pretty good! vampire movie…..

Gina is bringing pizza over for us! YAY! Little Caesar’s!! WOOHOO! I so have missed Little Caesar’s! There is one over in west ashley, but we don’t go over there much…so we’ve gone without until they just opened a new one right here on James Island! 🙂

Had a former friend send me an email…hmmm. At least he admitted to being wrong about something that we had disagreed on (nothing to do with why we are no longer friends). I truly hope that he doesn’t think he’s going to get back in my life….it won’t happen. I’ve been burned on my second chances too many times. I only give one chance, and once I’m told to go, there is no turning back. I will not hand someone the knife they put in my back so they can stab me with it again.

I don’t understand people. I’ve told a couple guys that are interested in me that I’m not wanting to jump into another relationship at this point, and am only looking for friends. They seem to think that means I’m dating them, or want to date them. Hmmmmm, if I say I just want to be friends, there is no reason for someone to keep saying “I’ll wait” or especially “who were you with when you didn’t answer your phone?”  I’m beginning to lean towards saying i have a couple of stalkers. Ugh. Seems I can’t keep the ones i want, and can’t get rid on them when I don’t want….grrrrr.


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