the beginning-chapter 3

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Well, I’ve gotten up to the point of my moving back to Ohio at 20 years old, and getting my own apartment after Di and I broke up….

While living in my apartment, i lived next door to a family-a family that happened to rent 3 of the 7 apartments at some point….Becky lived in Apt 3, her parents lived in Apt 1 with Becky’s brother and sister, and the brother eventually moved out into apt 6..right next to mine, apt 5. A great group of people! Many things happened in that apt building.

First off, it was my first time living alone…all alone. I didn’t like it. I was originally working at a full-service Holland Oil gas station until one of the guys set me up…they figured out that he was the thief later, but it still pissed me off that they fired me thinking it was me. About 3 weeks before i got fired, i had a really horrible day, and the shift at work (2nd shift) was going just as poorly. I decided to take my break, and go to the liquor store right down the street. I had JUST turned 21, and I bought a bottle of Bacardi and 2 2-liters of coke. I had never really drank before, so when i got home later and cracked the bottle, needless to say I got absolutely wasted.  I was puking before i went to bed, i was puking when i got up….i was ill. Not a good time, and yet I became a drinker LMAO. The second time, i drank a bottle of canadian whiskey….never ever touched that shit again, i thought i was gonna die from the hangover on that one…

I was not out at this point, but I did meet my first gay person…becky’s cousin brian. Very flambouyant, bright silk shirts, the swish….I liked him as a person, but couldn’t stand the “gay” rolling off him. Also, at this point, becky was dating a guy named Mike that I thought at the time was the cutest guy i had ever met.

As things progressed, becky and mike, along with her brother billyray and I decided to move into this nice house that was super-cheap and share expenses. We soon found out why it was so cheap….

I had changed jobs again, and was working as a dishwasher/busboy for a 24-hour diner. Diana’s grandparents had sold me their car before they had died (very nice impala). I worked 3rd shift, and things were happening at home that were very odd…but I wasn’t really believing it. for 3 weeks, nothing unusual ever happened when I was in the house.  At the end of the third week, i started to realize things….first, every single person that came to visit had their car break down within 24 hours…Dave’s brand new Eagle Summit broke down the day after he stopped by to visit,  and it happened to be the ignition system-the ONLY thing not covered by the warranty. The car was only a month old….The radio would switch to 88.1 and play Enter Sandman, regularly. The TV would just turn off or on. Now, for 3 weeks, becky and mike had been telling me of odd things, and I had just blown them off. Now things were starting to happen when I was home. I was sitting on the couch with becky watching TV-we were the only ones home. A red ball rolls out of my bedroom and across the living room floor. We just stared at it. I looked at her, and she just said “SEE! I told you!” So then, things started really rolling.

There was a ouija board, and we started using it. It was working. We learned all kinds of things….I was sensing “things” in the house, and there was definitely more than one. I sensed 4, and the board told us who they were…The strongest was a male, and I will not repeat the name, because to this day, if I do things start to happen. The second was also a male, not a good one either. The third was a woman, weak and afraid, not evil at all. The fourth was a little boy. He would peak around the corner of my bedroom into the living room and we could see him. Then he’d run back into my bedroom. It got to the point where we were getting drunk every night and using the ouija board, and things were happening more and more. Billy Ray moved out. He hated this stuff happening, and ended up breaking the board in half and throwing it in the trash….of course, it reappeared whole and intact in the bedroom the next morning…

Because we were always drinking at that point, I’m not really sure of the sequence of these events, but they all happened during that week. It started with the oujia board showing up again…not a good sign. When we used the board, almost always in the kitchen on the floor, we would hear screaming and glass breaking in the basement, feel and hear someone stomping through the house (we always stayed together at that point, so it wasn’t one of us), one time something “walked through” billy ray, and i had to carry him out of the house and across the street…he never went back to the house after that. One time we heard a child screaming for help in the basement. We didn’t know what else to do, so we went to see a local psychic that happened to be a friend of a friend. She told us much of what was going on and that  (i was shocked at this next…) that I am the one with the power to actually hide the boy from the others….that’s why he was hiding in my room. I had never known anything about this stuff, and i was just stunned. Then, when six of us watched a large tiger picture turn into the face of satan, we left. Being raised catholic, i had heard the stories, but never really thought much about the other spirits and things around….until now. So i talked them into talking to the priest down the street at the Latin Mass church. Becky’s sister was carrying becky’s son as we walked into the church…and the priest guided us into the basement/rec hall. As we were walking down the steps, stephanie was right behind the priest…..and steph was pushed so hard that she flipped over the priest and landed on her feet….the priest freaked for a minute. Then started handing us things….blessed rosaries, medals, prayers printed on little cards….he was in a panic. Once he calmed down a bit, he listened to our story, along with 2 nuns. As we told him everything that was going on, he got whiter and whiter…he finally said “if you don’t have to go back there, don’t ever return. Leave your things, just don’t go back.” Now, who can afford to leave everything they own?? We said no, but we’d like you to come and see what’s going on. He said “No. I’ve dealt with the devil before, and he almost killed me. I won’t ever come to your home.” The nuns said that they’d come, and he told them he forbid it, they were never to set foot on that property!  Again, i was stunned. The church was supposed to help with these types of things, and they left us to our own devices. Lovely. We moved out, splashing everything with holy water…it was a huge chore. We had nowhere to go, so we all stayed that night at becky’s mom’s house. We all slept on the floor in her living room. In the middle of the night, becky nudges me, and says “Look at the tapestry!” There was a tapestry of Mary by the front door, and with no lights on, it glowed a light blue. I was told later that she was protecting us. the next day, we made our plans and moved on. Things were never the same.

The “thing” followed becky for many years, i found out years later. We lost contact immediately after that, except for me and Mike. I was living in NC years later and mentioned it’s name in passing in a conversation, and it started all over again. Thankfully, at that point, i was living with someone with talent, and it was dealt with. At least temporarily, at that residence.

So I had moved in with friends, tina and chris. I got a job at the Loyal Oak Taverne in Norton, OH, while living in Barberton, OH with them. The Loyal Oak is where I met billy and paula. Billy worked with me, he was in the kitchen and i was a busboy, and helped out wherever was needed in other areas. This was also the time that i spent the night at mike’s apartment (he and becky had broken up) and had my first man/man encounter. I would have been severely disappointed in it if i hadn’t started caring about mike so much…it was just, well, plain, and rushed. Anyway, not important, and i’m not going into detail about it.

So I moved again, and I moved in with Pam, who was the manager at the Loyal Oak. She was great! I still love Pam as one of my best friends ever, though i lost contact many years ago. I’d LOVE to find her again! This is where i start losing control of my life. So many things going on, and I’m gay and in the closet and having severe issues with that. I’m still 21, and depressed and drinking heavily. my ford escort broke down, and i was having trouble fixing it, so i got drunk, got angry, and took a baseball bat to it. I totally destroyed it, they just towed it away. It wasn’t even worth trying to fix after that. I had several cars throughout my year or two with Pam. At one point, i was on my way home, with Mike following (well, he was SUPPOSED to be following me), I had gotten angry at the bar, and I was flying down *-76, not realizing that i was passing a cop-going the same direction. I was so focused on my anger, that i didn’t even realize it. My first DUI. I found out later that mike’s car had broke down on the highway in akron, long before i got pulled over. They arrested me, towed my car, booked me, and then the arresting officer took me home. ??? wow, very nice of him….

Six months later, i got another one. Same spot, same cop….but that is for the next chapter..:) This one is long enough as it is.

To Be Continued!!!


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