my views on gay rights and the anti-gay advocates

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’m taking a break from writing about my past today, frankly I don’t feel like thinking about it at the moment. Today, I would like to address the gay rights versus “conservative christians” views.

First,  to address friend issues-how can you call yourself my friend, and openly deny my happiness? How can you be my friend and say that I should not be allowed to have a husband and family like you do? How can you look me in the eye and say that my love isn’t the same as yours, and doesn’t deserve to be recognized?? How can you love me, and believe that I’m not a human being with rights to have what every straight person has the ability to have.? How can you think of me in those terms and still be a true friend?? You can’t. It’s not possible to take that viewpoint and be my friend at the same time. Onward…..

I understand that people have different viewpoints on every subject. What I don’t understand is people poking their nose into things that truly do not affect them in any way, shape or form. I say again, Christianity and the Bible are a way to help you form your own morals and build your own beliefs. That does NOT give you the right to force everyone else to live by your beliefs. It does NOT give you the right to make laws forcing me to be unhappy for the rest of my life because i’m not allowed to marry the person i love. It does NOT give you the right to act in a way that is, in fact, opposite from what the bible teaches and teach your children to hate. You are condemning your own children, and in more ways than one! If/when the christian right wins, what do you think that the gays that are not out are going to do? They are going to stay in the closet and marry your sons and daughters so that they are the “norm”…until they can no longer deny who they are. Then they are going to come out, and emotionally devastate your families. It will be YOUR fault when your grandson/granddaughter asks you “why does daddy like men more than he likes mommy?” It will be YOUR fault when your daughter or son is crying in your living room saying “I don’t understand how this could happen!” YOU are forcing those people already afraid to come out to hide even deeper, and eventually it will come back to you.

I have found in my personal interactions with people,  that those that protest the most are the ones with the confusing feelings that they are trying to hide-the closet cases. It’s true. Those screaming “it’s a sin” are those afraid to come out, afraid to admit even to themselves who they are. Look around….the biggest bullies that picked on the gay boy in high school are now slinking in the shadows, cheating on their wives by picking up anonymous boys at the gay bar in the next town. And possibly not playing safe, and taking  diseases home  to their wives and families.  Now mind you, that is the same for straight men cheating with women. I literally know more “straight” men with wedding rings on their fingers having sex with men than I know out gay men dating men in a monogomous relationship. Those men with wedding rings, fucking guys in motel rooms and in the back seat of your car and in your bed while you’re away visiting your mother are your husbands, fathers, sons….either too cowed by their religion to admit (though they can adulter and have sex outside of marriage, THAT’S ok!) or too afraid what society will do were they to come out. And those are both because of the way the religious right have created an attitude of hate towards gays.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the whole christian faith, or all the people who believe in God. I’m not blaming the bible. The bible was written by men, translated dozens of times by men, and there are words in the bible that did not translate correctly into other languages. I’ve read up on some of this, and it IS true. The bible was also written for the times. “spilling the seed” and “a man laying with a man” were there to procreate the earth. There is no need, with almost 10 billion people on this planet, many of which we can’t feed and house. We don’t NEED to keep procreating at this point!! There are enough of us on the planet….it’s possible that this is a way of natural selection to STOP the overpopulation of Earth. DUH! it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out…..

And as far as it being “unnatural”, that’s bullshit. There are over 400 species that have homosexual relationships in their “natural” processes. Many of whom are monogamous. And when animals are monogamous, THEY don’t cheat, so I think they have one up on most people nowadays….

Of the “Top 10” laws regarding the bible-the Ten  Commandments-there is nothing about homosexuality…there IS however LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR along with one about NOT BEING AN ADULTERER. THESE are in the Ten Commandments, mortal sins….and yet you spread hatred and judgement on others, and allow men and women to cheat on their spouses, divorce, and REMARRY their misstresses/misters (?)…..WWJD?? Well, he wouldn’t run around calling people Faggots, beating them up, and trying to pass laws that specifically persecute them. He may not agree with them, he may not try to help, but he CERTAINLY wouldn’t be spending tens of millions of dollars trying to stop them from marrying when there are hungry people in every city in America! Entire countries with the majority of the populations starving and homeless….I have no respect for those christians who spend their money and time worrying about what MY marriage is going to do to theirs, when it’s going to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to theirs. If you don’t want to marry the same sex, THEN DON’T! But I have the right to by living in this country and paying my taxes!

I would like to add this link…this is Melanie, a Mormon mother and wife, who speaks out for gay marriage and loving others:  I have great respect for her and her message, even though the church has threatened her…I’m glad she’s speaking out, and I appreciate her and others like her!

This is part 1, I’m SURE I’ll have more to say in the matter! lol

  1. QThomasBower says:

    We’ll be looking forward to your “more to say in the matter”…!


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