You know, i have never understood why people have to hate on others. I understand that in school, those that fear their homosexuality, fear being found out, or just plain don’t understand those feelings tend to be hateful towards those that ARE out. But outright hate towards gays by adults? I’ve never understood that. This page on Facebook is hateful and needs to be reported as such:!/pages/No-Tears-for-Queers/191900384171737  If you have a facebook and don’t agree with hatespeech, please report it. You don’t have to join to do so.

In my life, i’ve been bullied. I was not out, or even suspected of being gay in school, so I wasn’t bullied for being gay then. I was bullied because i wasn’t thin, or because i was shy, or because i hung out with certain people. But as an adult, i’ve had my nose broken twice-through no fault of my own. Both were sucker-punches, with the “heterosexual male” not even giving warning that he was upset about anything before doing it. I’ve been called a faggot (amongst other things)  while walking down the street, or coming out of a gay bar. I truly can’t imagine what my life in school would have been like if i had come out-but I do know it would have been miserable. I already had depression problems then, so i probably would not have survived high school in that case. I went to a small school in WV, and they were not accepting of anything back then. Now, many of my friends from school know, and have no problem with it. But still, a cold chill runs down my spine when I go to grafton knowing that people know about me now. My family no longer lives there, and I never visit that place alone. And even when I do visit, I usually only visit a select few of my closest friends while there, and don’t tend to wander around too much, except where i grew up and my old stomping grounds.

I just truly don’t understand the hate someone can have for a total stranger. These people that hate on gays don’t know us, any of us. I haven’t tried to seduce a straight guy (though i have had several offer themselves to me in curiosity). I don’t go around flirting with straight men, I don’t go around feeling them up, or touching their ass. But they hate me because of things I do in private, that they’ve never even seen me do. WTF? I’ve even been gay-bashed by one of my best friends, sitting at his kitchen table (not one of the times i had my nose broken, but had a black eye for a couple weeks). He knew i was gay for 10 years, he was fine with it. He had actually dated drag queens, so it’s not even like he was THAT straight. His wife came in after he sucker-punched me and called me a fucking faggot, and was she screaming and crying. she didn’t understand why he did it, and neither did I-nor do I to this day. He was drunk of course, he was always drunk, but still, that’s no excuse for punching your best friend. He of course immediately apologized, but we were never the same, and I cut him out of my life soon after that. A shame, truly. He’s asked his ex to have me call him, and i refuse. I will never let someone like that back in my life. My thoughts-why would I give someone back the knife that I had to pull out of my back so they can use it on me again??

I guess I’ll never understand why someone hates someone for who they love or who they have sex with. As if it’s any of their business. I’m not jamming it down their throats when asking for my rights, I’m just asking for my rights as a human being that I deserve. I deserve to be able to marry the person i love. I deserve to be able to make medical decisions about my life partner, i deserve to be able to adopt a child with my life partner, i deserve to be able to have him on my health insurance or vice versa, i deserve what every straight person deserves-my own life, and the perks that are a part of everyones life but the gay community’s. And I still don’t understand how people use the exact same arguments about gay marriage as they did about blacks and women and native americans. “they don’t deserve it” or “they aren’t real people” or “the bible says blah blah blah”. Many people back in the days of the black freedom marches argued against the rights of black people. Now those people are looked upon as bigots and hateful humans. Don’t the people that fight against gay rights see that THAT is how they will be viewed in 20 or 30 years?? Humans are supposed to learn from their mistakes, from the past…but they never truly do, do they?


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