hope and despair

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Hope is what the world wants, needs, desires. Hope in equality, hope in achievement, hope in personal enrichment, hope in spiritual enlightenment, hope for the future. Is there any stronger thing in the world? Maybe only Love and hate….and despair. Everyone has hope, whether they believe it or not, but despair will try to deprive them of that truth. There is always hope. If you believe that there is hope.

Hope and Love of course go hand in hand, as do hate and despair. People with Love in their hearts will love others and have hope for their future, others’ futures, and positive things when they look forward. Exactly the opposite is true with hate and despair. People who hate see no future for themselves, are jealous of those with Love in their hearts, and despair of ever having good things in their lives.

I find it amazing how some people can let hatred lead them to despair so easily. Many don’t even try to combat it, and some don’t  even recognize it for what it is. Mind you, hate is not the only thing that can lead to despair. There is loneliness, jealousy, along with chemical dependency and other disorders, It’s not an easy thing to stay away from, but it IS possible.

I can not fathom why some people hate as they do. It’s a miserable existence, to feel animosity towards everyone, or even just particular groups of others. It feeds on your soul, and takes bits away as if it were a bite, ripping away chunks that you can never get back. It makes you feel worthless, jealous and alone. Why would someone make a choice to be these things? Humanity was not meant for this.

What humanity WAS meant for is love, brotherhood, unity, and a bright future filled with all the good things that this life contains. Your soul craves these things. Your soul is your anchor for your personal morality, your compass for right and wrong, your vase to fill with beautiful flowers or to empty and put away under the kitchen sink where no one can see it, appreciate it, or love it. And some  people don’t put the vase away, they just let the flowers rot, and leave the old stagnant water in it to turn brown with the rotting stems of the once-beautiful flowers. What kind of soul do YOU have? One filled with Love, one filled with Hate, or an empty one placed on a shelf? THIS is truly a choice. Not always consciously, but always a choice. You can choose to be hopeful or you can choose to lose yourself in your own miasma of negative emotions and actions.  It’s your call, and I’m not giving you a quarter to make it. You have to do it on your own. It’s your life, your mind, your body, your spirit, your very soul on the line, and it’s up to you to change what needs changed and make things better for yourself and those around you.


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