The Onion, and FB page 2010 California Protection of Marriage Act

Posted: February 25, 2011 in gay marriage
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I had added the page 2010 California Protection of Marriage Act to my list of “liked” pages quite awhile ago just to keep track of the other side of the coin. This has truly become a thorn in my side, and I should have known better.

The page link is here:

It’s truly disheartening to see how people view gays that happen to love one another so much that they would like to be married for the rest of their lives like everyone else. For them to view gays as “unworthy” of marriage is saying that we are unworthy of love, and to me that is purely unacceptable. The Onion article in question on their page is here:

I love the onion, and reposted this hilarious article yesterday. I saw today on my newsfeed that 2010 CPMA had also reposted, and I decided (against my better judgement) to take a look at the comments. Some were funny, and not directly aimed at gay marriage, such as “hide your husbands” LOL. Others were just raw and kinda irritated me, to the point that I wanted to make this blog post about it.

PAUSE-ok, I’ve now gone and had a couple drinks, and have gotten a bit more relaxed. Shall we continue?

Wait, I better have one more before I go on….

OK, now I’m feeling a bit better. LOL

I think what bothers me the most about anti-gay religious protesters is that they take certain passages and use it to their own advantage…and disregard the rest. Being so hypocritical, I can’t imagine them being truly God-loving individuals, when they spread hatred and their own personal judgement on others without regard to the verses IN THE SAME BOOK OF THE BIBLE as the ones that condemn homosexuality. And maybe I would feel a little differently about things if gay love was in the Top Ten-The Ten Commandments…you know, the MORTAL sins, that supposedly aren’t forgiven as easily….How many of these Anti-Gay people have committed adultery?? It’s even come out that MANY of them have had same-sex relations at one time or another! How many have stolen? (It makes no difference if it’s 5 cents for $5,000,000, it’s still stealing….how many have coveted something someone else has?? The “keeping up with the Jones’s” is the same thing, you are wanting to show off to the neighbors, which means you crave what they have, because they have more or better. How many bear false witness?? Will you lie to cover your children’s asses?? Hmmmm. How many make it to church EVERY sunday, and don’t work on the Sabbath?? All of these MORTAL sins, and yet they choose not to Love Thy Neighbor, and persist on persecuting gays, and not following all the other verses in these same books of the bible, like not eating pork, not eating shellfish, not backstabbing or lying (most of which their arguments about gays are LIES), not having tattoos, stoning adulterers…..and the list goes on and on and on….naming them all Hypocrites, and heathens, which would have gotten THEM stoned in biblical times. Those who live in glass houses…..those without sin cast the first stone….it is up to God to judge….

And as far as affecting the sanctity of THEIR marriage, it’s ludicrous. We aren’t asking that religions condone performing gay marriages, only that we have the Civil Liberty as everyone else in this country to do so, and it has NOTHING to do with any religion. OR their marriage. It also has nothing to do with an Agenda, it has to do with us being Human, and loving another Human Being, and wanting to share our lives together. Why do you REALLY think that we shouldn’t? It’s not that the bible teaches this or that….you ignore so much of it, that it wouldn’t matter if you allowed yourself to believe that this was ok….it’s the fact that if it’s OK, then YOU will want to give it a try. Those  who protest the most…..hint hint. And it’s been proven over and over by this person belonging to this anti-gay group having a gay affair and getting caught. The biggest bullies WANT to be gay and accepted, and that’s why they are the cruelest, I’ve seen it over and over, even in my personal life. The ones fighting the hardest are GAY-WANNA-BES  and can’t admit it. GROW UP!! Reality this…God created me this way, and God doesn’t make mistakes. You can ignore your impulses all you want, but that doesn’t make them a choice, it makes how you DEAL with them a choice. And my choice, is to follow the gift that God gave me and LOVE the person that God gave to me to love. Again, Satan can’t create Love, only God can. And God created gays to Love the same sex. It’s no mistake, and it’s not against God’s will, or evil. It’s the way God has created us as individuals, and as long as you are judging me and how I love, YOU are sinning against God. YOU are, not me.







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