The WBC and their hateful message

Posted: March 2, 2011 in the wbc hatred
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I find the hate spewed from the mouths of the wbc appalling. And the fact that they can delude themselves and call it “christian” is unforgivable. Treating the United States as if no one should have the right to do anything except for what they believe. Though, I find most religions do this. As if we all didn’t know the deceitful ways of the Mormon and Catholic Churches in many things, but especially in their quest in regards to Prop 8. Are they taking lessons from Fred Phelps?? God hates the sin, not the sinner.

I was raised as a catholic. I am now self-identifying as a pago-christian. (I don’t think it’s a real word, but a friend called me that once in jest, and it fits.) Meaning this: I am mostly Christian, but have been around enough other religions to find that they have good things as well, and combine them to create my own religious faith. I have a bit of Native American lore, some Wiccan, and Christian beliefs all wound together, with a few things scattered through, I’m sure, from Hinduism and Buddhism. I have not been around the Muslim religion, but if I were exposed to it on a regular basis, I’m sure that I’d find something of value in that as well. As much as everyone wants to believe that what they believe is the Right Way, it’s just not so. There is no Great Religion that’s better than all the rest. And for them to believe that they are better in their views than others is, in itself, going against their own teachings about judging others. My way isn’t the ONLY way, but it’s right for me. I know when I stand before God on my judgement day that I will be able to hold my chin high and tell Him that I feel I led a good life, and that I was compassionate and caring for others. I have not forced my views on others, though I have tried to get understanding, not conversion. I have fought for my own rights as a gay man. I have tried to help kids with the bullying issues. I think that I’m leading a decent life, and I will not go to hell. We are all sinners, some worse than others, but mine haven’t been major. I haven’t killed anyone, raped anyone, cheated on a spouse, or denounced God, so I think I’m doing pretty well.

But I digress. I wanted to give a bit of background so that you will know what I believe, so as not to confuse this with an anti-christian viewpoint. I’m NOT anti-christian, but I am against the way many christians are trying to force their form of belief on everyone else. Their morals are no better than anyone’s morals. In all actuality, I believe that quite the opposite is true. Many christian faiths believe that you can sin all you want, and will be forgiven, so what is keeping them from sinning?? Nothing. They cheat on their spouse, go to confession, and all is well. The catholic church has hidden away it’s priests that have been molesting children for decades. Anti-gay christian group leaders have been found with male prostitutes or caught molesting children or cheating on their wives. And they want US to all use THEIR moral compass?!? I think not. I’d love to be a “fly on the wall” when Fred Phelps dies and is standing before God…and then bring back the news to Shirley that he’s burning because of their hatred. Cold, I know, but honest. And not very christian of me. I don’t like to turn the other cheek, one of my many flaws.

The basis of this rant, in any case, is the fact that the US Supreme Court decided that it’s the wbc’s RIGHT to protest military funerals. I find it completely unreasonable to protest someone’s funeral with signs of God Hates Fags and that the person that died is going to burn in hell and call yourself a christian while being so callous and uncompassionate to other people who have lost a loved one. First Amendment or  not, there is no excuse to belittle and cause more pain for the family that’s left behind. We believe in Love Thy Neighbor, but sometimes it’s tough love.

  1. henry ahlf says:

    Well put and written Scott!!


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