I would like to address all LGBTQ teens with this post today. Please understand that your life COMPLETELY changes once you are out of high school! I know it’s hard, whether you’re closeted or out, with bullying, with dealing with your sexuality in your own mind and coming to terms with coming out or staying in the closet a bit longer, on top of all the other “normal” teen issues and pressures. But you have to understand that life outside of school is completely different! Yes, there are still bullies, places that are unsafe to be “out”, and people who will hate you…but it’s nothing like being stuck in a school where you must be around these people every day. Just try to get through it! It’s not that far away when you graduate and get out of that system of abuse and intolerance!

There is help out there if things are so far out of control that you want to die! I have a group and fanpage called Teens In Need http://www.facebook.com/pages/Teens-In-Need/120662914660001 <— (the fanpage)—on facebook, there are organizations like The Trevor Project http://www.thetrevorproject.org and Project LifeVest http://www.projectlifevest.org to help with teens wanting to commit suicide or LGBTQ homeless teens, there are groups out there to help with bullying if your school refuses to do anything about it, there are people out there willing to listen, if you just need someone to talk to about your life and decisions! It Gets Better http://www.itgetsbetter.org has people out there showing you that it DOES get better! My TIN fb fanpage has resources listing all of these organizations and others, from help with suicide to homelessness to bullying to runaway hotlines. Please look for help before you decide to die! We need YOU to help fight with us, so that others aren’t put into the position that you find yourself in! And once you have that cap and gown on, YOU can make decisions to place yourself where you don’t have to live in fear, and are accepted by others like you. There are millions of us out there, you just have to find us! You are not alone in being gay or bi or transgender or out or closeted…or any other of the many “labels” that we have. We have many straight allies that are there to prove to you that not everyone hates gays, not everyone persecutes us.

There is help out there, if you just look for it. Please, take a few minutes to talk to some of us before you make a decision that you can’t take any more…there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, but you can only see it if it’s dark where you are, and someone points it out.

I grew up in a small town in WV. I didn’t come out until I was 26. Between where I lived, and being raised catholic, I had issues that I had to deal with. I never actively tried to commit suicide as a teen, but I thought about it, and I took risks that could easily have led to my dying hoping that maybe…..but thankfully, it didn’t happen. I have made an impact on many lives as an adult, and hopefully most have been on a positive note. You all have that potential! When you are done with school and you move on to adulthood, you will make many differences in many people’s lives. You should not deny those people the privilege of getting to know you later in life. You could save a person someday, from the suicidal thoughts that you might be having now, just because you know what they are going through, and can share your story.

Again, I implore you…I’ll beg if I have to…please, please, please look for help, for someone to talk to….stick around to make a difference!!



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