Sitting here on my front porch drinking a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette, I’m thinking back on some of the posts I’ve seen, read and reposted on Facebook. I’m not really sure how some people have come to believe such a twisted and warped belief of what Christanity is all about, but somehow our “civilized” country has downgraded to such a depressing status that it’s just shocking. It seems our leaders are more concerned with illegal immigrants having rights in this country than our own citizens, along with feeling this need to “help” other countries while there are citizens here who desperately need help and go unassisted. Millionaires pay less taxes than I do, people are starving and homeless in our streets, and the civil rights of citizens is just for the elite “heterosexuals”. Even to the point of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade banning gay groups from marching, even though IRELAND HERSELF has ACCEPTED gay marriage-so the parade is not in celebration of all things Irish, it’s just a celebration to drink and discriminate, which seems like the norm here in America nowadays.

I want to address some of the idiocy that I’ve seen going around, and try to make some sense of it. I’m providing some links and stories avout some of the events I’ve mentioned in regards to “christians” and the way they view their christianity and how they should be living their lives according to the bible and Christ. Following are some examples of what I consider christians going above and beyond into the realm of hatred and ignorance rather than following The Way that Christ has laid out. Afterwards, I’ve also posted some links and stories for Christians that I feel are truly following The Path to God. I consider myself Christian, even though I’m gay and I do not go to church any longer. I still believe in God and Jesus Christ, even though I have integrated some things from other religions into my own personal faith-some even coming from pagan religions. I don’t think there is one true religion, and each person needs something different from their faith…I personally need some enlightenment and to find some center to my being, hence the pagan influences.

Anyway, here are some of those links and stories:

There was a YouTube video that I found on 3/14/2011, just days after the earthquakes and tsunamis hit Japan. A young “christian” girl of maybe 21 or 22 years old made a video of 6 minutes, about Thanking God for answering their prayers about converting atheists. Do you know how she thinks that God answered their prayers?? By killing people in Japan with earthquakes and tsunamis! THANKING GOD for KILLING PEOPLE! I find this truly appalling. Jesus taught love and tolerance. He spoke to the whores and the lepers and the sinners. He didn’t go around KILLING people that he felt weren’t worthy of God’s love. I passed the link around abit, and found out very soon that the video was removed for copyright issues. Now THAT I can Thank God for…  —–finding out that this was a SATIRICAL video….is it funny to you?? Not to me….

OK, try this one on for size…for some reason, a teacher thought it to be appropriate to call a gay student a sinner in class, and then write an ‘S’ on her hand standing for sinner! Now I don’t know about you, but my own belief is that 1)NO teacher should be writing on a student at ANY time…and 2)separation of church and state?? Hmm, maybe forgot about that one….and frankly, the teachers actions are completely inappropriate. Add to this the fact that the same school refused to let the students participate in National Gay & Lesbian History Month, AND the fact that they are trying to expel BULLIED kids, NOT the bullies!  Finding this one truly hard to swallow….

Another one- -a SENATOR, has come up with this….gay marriage will cause slavery and FORCE women to have babies for gay parents??? WTF has this dude been smoking?? in vitro fertilization leading to slavery….now i’ve heard it all…OH NO. BUT WAIT…THAT’S NOT ALL!!! YOU ALSO GET: so ludicrous that I can’t even comment on marrying an android, UGH!…this goes into the stack of christians who believe that gay marriage will lead to people wanting to marry their fucking dogs. At least we know where THEIR minds are….for christians with all these morals, they sure like to talk about perverted sex acts…hmmm.

And we can’t forget about this one- – gay marriage will lead to polygamy, incest, and disease?!? Wow, I had no idea there were this many politicians that were so uneducated….

And let’s not forget about THIS guy- – Tattoos Leviticus 18:22 on his arm…guess he stopped reading there. Leviticus 19:28 forbids tattoos…HAHAHAHA! Wow. Ah, so no person with a tattoo shall be permitted to marry as well?? Since they are sinners, and it comes from the same book of the bible that is most widely used against gays!

And lastly- – the idiocy that God is hateful and killing people in Japan again….stemming from the video stated above, this woman actually BELIEVES this crap! This one is NOT satirical…this is her true belief!


Now, I don’t want everyone to go ballistic thinking that I’m just bashing Christians. There are many that I truly repect. I’ll give you a few examples here, to set the balance. These people are True Christians!

Mind you, some of these Christians are not gay, just allies to our search for freedom.“We are the Leavitt Family.”

I am extremely proud of this ex-Mormon family. It’s a difficult thing to leave behind your whole belief system when the higher-ups have used the congregation for their own ends, and it’s realized. It causes alot of trust issues, and many losses of faith. I know-I stopped being an altar boy at 14….stopped going to sunday school at 16…..and completely left the catholic church at 18. The only time I will set foot in a catholic church is for close friends and family, for weddings or funerals. – A senator with a conscience and some common sense. Very proud of him allowing himself to see the truth of the matter. – another ex-Mormon. Realizing that Love Others means ALL others. Again, KUDOS!

I will state again that Faith and Belief are there for YOU to better YOUR LIFE and YOUR MORALS, NOT to push all of your crap on everyone else! Again, Christ preached to those who WANTED to listen, he forced nothing on anyone that didn’t want to hear it. He didn’t go around trying to make man’s laws coincide with his own personal beliefs and morals. This is the lesson that True Christians know…and these “other” christians need to learn.

Another link to someone I have a bit of respect for- – I would LOVE to go to one of his lectures and shake this man’s hand.

Only two more to go, then I’ll leave you to consider your response – – a christian with a true belief in people AND God. Faith in himself in regards to God’s Love and forgiveness.

And finally, this one – –  a gay christian that follows the true path of Love as well. He tries to convey how idiotic it is for “Christian” parents to disown their children because of sexual preference with his xtranormal cartoon vids, along with discussions and articles on many other things. He also writes articles for the Huffington Post.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes…can you imagine not being able to hold the hand of your husband/wife in public for fear of having someone take a baseball bat to you? Or possibly stab you 57 times because you’re (GASP) straight?? Can you imagine NEVER talking about your home life for the same fear? Not that your wife made your favorite dinner last night, or that you’d like to leave work early because it’s your anniversary, or that your husband has just had a heart attack, and you’re not allowed to take off work to go to him??? Or for those who love someone from out of the country….having Immigration tell you that it doesn’t matter that you’ve been together for 20 years, they are deporting your spouse because hetereosexuality isn’t accepted in their world as legally binding for them to become citizens?? For those single heterosexuals–can you imagine not being able to even flirt a bit at the grocery store for fear that the person might be offended that you like them? Some guy likes skinny chicks and some heavy-set girl flirts, he just says not interested, or ignores her….a guy flirts with him, he has to beat the living fuck out of him, or worse….where is the sense in this? It’s flirting…he’s not holding you down and fucking you! There is a massive double-standard here. Flaunting our homosexuality is not flaunting, it’s being open and honest with our loved ones about our lives.

One more thing….it amazes me that every bad thing happens for a reason, but if you believe in God, everything works out….and yet there are Christian homeless people, and Atheist millionaires…I do believe that God has a plan for us. I also believe that we have free choice. Those two don’t seem to go together very well, but I’ve seen my choices make a great impact at times on other people’s lives. I’ve met some people who have made a great impact on MY life. God means for us to love each other. Period. This hateful propaganda that the Love that God gave me for another human (though of the same sex) is wrong is ludicrous. And if you believe that it’s wrong, then YOU go tell God he made a mistake!

  1. QThomasBower says:

    Oh wow. I had to stop; too upsetting!

    I just watched a bunch of early news pundits and celebrities give reviews of the early Sarah interviews, and universally, they were hilarious, but also scary. They all also agreed that she’s a complete idiot less fit for presidency than a Disney movie.

    The number of people I know – and like – on facebook who not only miss the fact she’s witless, but also support her for president!!! – makes my spine freeze.


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