another jayce and thad teaser

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Fiction, Teen m/m, Uncategorized

ok everyone, typing this on my phone, soplease excuse any mistakes! Here goes…

“He’s ours now. They both are. No matter the reasons, their ives were hell and they had no family. They do now, WE are their family! And we WILL actually protect them. Even from you!” I’m guessing that I had no idea how loud I had become, but when I turned around with Thad’s hand in mine, everyone nearby was looking at us. Including Tucker, Charlie and Travis, with their mouths hanging open. Thad and I did not stop walking. Hand in hand, we walked back to the front of the protest, so we were not privy to the next statement from Mom to Mrs. Fowler.

“My son was exactly right, Mrs. Fowler. You alliwed your hysband to nearly destroy those boys. Tucker has a record because of it. The one responsibility above all others for a parent is to keep their children safe. And you couldn’t even do that. If those boys ever ask my opinion, I will tell them to forgive you. But I will also tell them to never allow you back into their lives. Email me your contact info just in case they choose to see you. The difference between you and me is this: I will still love them even if they don’t do what I think is best for them.’ And with that, she walked away.


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