Only For You

Posted: April 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Why am I here?
Why do I stay?
There is nothing to hold me,
not to this place.
No one to catch me,
if I were to fall into nightmare.
Yet here I stay.
Yet here I am.
The water is part of my soul,
but not the reason for being.
The fire, part of my mind,
but not the reason for living.
So, why do I stay?
The air is not as clean as it could be,
but more pure than many places I’ve been.
But that is not enough
to keep me prisoner here, alone.
The earth calls to me,
but it is muffled through the pain.
Love is the meaning, and the intention,
but it will leave me here in this place forever.
A captive, tied up and held down.
So why am I here?
I’m in the right place,
but the wrong time.
In a crowd,
but alone.
Eternity in the blink of an eye,
though a minute feels like centuries.
I no longer have a place here.
Something keeps me here though.
Time to reconsider things,
all that fate has dealt
and what cards it still has to play.
Remember, fate is a cruel master.
Looking back, I must crave cruelty,
Emotions are my nemesis,
my most hated enemy.
And they bind tighter than any rope or chain.
So my answer, why am I here?
For you.
Why do I stay?
Only for you, my dear.
Only for you.


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