This is a blog about me, and my views. I will post many opinions here, as well as my life story (slowly, in chapters LOL), so my friends can get to know me a bit. Comments are welcome, but if they are hateful, they will be reported and deleted. You don’t have to agree in a comment, you just have to be respectful. And if you like it, DEFINITELY comment!! Not many have commented so far, so I’m not sure if anyone even likes this site….c’mon, show some love! 🙂

I’m gay, and a keyboard activist for gay rights. I’m trying to get more involved, but living in Charleston, SC, there isn’t alot of real activism going on. I’m working on changing that, but it’s a slow thing. If you live in or near Charleston, drop me a line, and we can work on it together!!


  1. QThomasBower says:

    You’re so good at writing what you’re about, and what you’re blog is about, in the actual blog posts. You should write a little intro here. (I’m one to talk, I haven’t done mine either. Nevertheless, the “About” button is usually one of the very first things I click!)

    (Feel free to ignore and/or delete this comment! I won’t be offended; just a suggestion!)


    • scotrik1 says:

      I actually didn’t even know it was there. I’m so new to this…there’s SO much on here to filter through…I’ll have to do something with this About page soon! thank you! And if anyone can figure out how to change text size, I’d appreciate a comment….got everything else, like bold, italics, pics, i just can’t figure out where the button is to make the text larger….:(


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