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Ah, Happy Easter everyone! I must say, it has been a very interesting one to say the least…

My day started out with sleeping in an extra hour because I knew it would be slow at work…hmm, thinking this was a good start to my day was very deceptive. I got to work to take my cab out, and it’s in the shop for work….again….so I end up in cab 65. Now, 65 is a very nice cab, much newer than my usual #3, so I thought again, a good day was coming….oh, if only I had remembered that Murphy has a hitlist out on me!

It started out with realizing (too late to do anything about it) that there was only 1/2 tank of gas in the car. Meaning that I would have to pay to fill it at the end of the day. If I had caught it before I left the Point, I would have been fine, but NO, I noticed it after I left and got my first fare….

Then, from 7:30 a.m. to noon, I only had 4 runs…this SUCKS!!!

From then on, my day only went downhill….my credit  card machine wouldn’t print, and I also could not print cash receipts for people…big problem. As if this wasn’t enough, I get a call for a guy going to the Naval Base (which some parts you need a special I.D. to get in, which I do not have yet) and the dispatcher couldn’t tell me if this was one of those areas or not. I thought he was cancelling the call, but it remained on my computer, and he went on a break, leaving me sitting there wondering WTF to do.

Finally I just went to the house for the run. No one came out. I left, but stayed close by because I still could not get hold of dispatch on the computer to sort it out. I finally just called the phone for the back office to find out what is going on, finding out that nothing is going to dispatch from our computers. BIG issue!

So I call the guy from the Naval Base, and he says that no I.D. is needed and I take him. It’s close by the Point, so I go back to the Point and talk to the dispatcher about what was going on. There for another 1/2 hour, then I leave to get back to work. At this time, all of a sudden the A/C has stopped working, and I have had it. I take the cab back, talk to dispatch to make sure they had enough drivers, and I go home early.

Ahh, but please don’t think that Murphy is finished with me yet! He’s on a roll, and he’s going to get me yet…..

So I call the kid that had owed me a fare from the other day (I had his license and I forgot to give it back to him when he paid me…long story, but I’m too fucking nice to people….) so I take his license n back to him in Mount Pleasant. He notices my rear tire is low, so now I’m having to rush back home, search the phone book for a tire store (I could hear the leak, the valve stem was leaking, quite suddenly…) and finally figured out that Sears is open for another 45 minutes…so I rush over to West Ashley to the Citadel Mall for Sears to fix my tire.

Sears had quoted me $19 for a valve stem replacement…a little pricey I thought, but nothing else is open on Easter Sunday, so WTF, ok. I also ended up needing some brake fluid and power steering fluid, etc… it ended up to be $32. I had $52 and some change on me. Now, I had already told the guy about the tire being on a steel rim that tends to weld itself to the wheel, and that they needed a sledgehammer to get it off the last time they took it off. Apparently, he paid no attention to what I said…..they couldn’t get the tire off, and no sledgehammer in the shop. NO sledgehammer??? In an auto department??? hmmm……

By this time, they had closed 10 minutes ago and wanted to leave. They tried telling me that they wouldn’t be able to fix it tonight. Ummmm, NO. It’s flat. I can’t even drive it out of the parking lot. It MUST be fixed. Tonight. Now. I’ll buy a fucking sledgehammer myself so you can fix my car. So that’s what I do. By the time I went to the tools, found what I need (with the southern gentleman slowly talking/walking his way along trying to find the hammer section….) and returned, they had the tire off. They fixed it, but not without a bit of attitude. Yes, I know it’s now 5:30, and your families are waiting for you….but you were open when I got here, and if you had the proper tools, it would have been done by 5:05.

The only good things coming from today were the fact that I got 2 more regular customers for my cab….private runs, regularly. Almost daily. So, we’ll see what happens next! 🙂

It has to get better….it can’t possibly stay this way….

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about the $47 fare that little bitch booked on…..if I see her, I’m running her over with my cab.


I’m truly at a loss. I’ve had no sleep, I’m out of cigarettes because I’m trying to quit, and I’m fairly grouchy. It’s not turning into a good day for the last day before I start my new job. Happy Fucking Sunday to me. This is about my housemate Cindy and her boyfriend Nick (who does NOT live with us).

I awoke at 2:20 to them coming home, arguing loudly the whole time. Around 3, I confronted Nick and was told that he didn’t give a fuck, and that we “could throw down right now” if I had issues. I said I’d just call the police, and he said he didn’t give a fuck about the police. They argued loudly until 4, then Nick finally laid down on the couch. About 6 he started up again, she asked him to leave several times….”get the fuck out of my house” to be exact, several times. He refused, kept arguing, and finally she left, leaving him outside by himself locked out of the house. He broke into the house, ripping the screen on the front window, and coming inside to help himself to more of Cindy’s beer and going to her room to watch TV. She finally came back home, they argued some more, and finally getting him to leave with her at 8 am.

Adding to this, on Nick’s birthday earlier this week, they argued while they were at a bar, he showed up without her, went into her room and removed his things, along with throwing her TV on the floor. (no damage, thankfully). He then left. She came home a short while later. He showed up at 6:30 the next morning, banging on the window to her room, and got her to go outside where they proceeded to argue. I finally went out and told Nick to quiet down, to which he responded “I don’t give a fuck!” I told him we had neighbors and it’s 6:30 in the morning and that he had BETTER give a fuck. Cindy got him into the car and they left.

Now I refrained from calling the police for Cindy’s sake (my housemate). She was drunk, and trying her best to shut him up, he just wouldn’t stop or even quiet down. I have decided that if this occurs again, I’m calling the police immediately, but that doesn’t help with the situation at the moment. The fact that she kept leaving with him this morning to take him home, but kept BRINGING HIM BACK is bugging the living fuck out of me. I’m not sure, but I think he’s still sleeping in her room now.

Now, mind you, Cindy has lived here for over a year. This is the first time we’ve ever had any issue, and frankly my issue isn’t with her, it’s with her “former” drug addict boyfriend who is so on-again-off-again that it looks like a merry-go-round. But this is also the first time I’ve had to involve myself because of his being so highly disrespectful in our home. He has also never treated either of us in this way. So, that’s my life today. Well, as of Sunday morning….the main event happened saturday night/sunday morning. It’s just so much FUN! yay. So now I’m trying to figure out what I should do, what I can legally do, and how much of an impact whatever I choose to do is going to have on our friendship (cindy and I, that is…I couldn’t give a shit about Nick).

So, I’ve been trying to get everything done for this chauffeur’s license for months. All the paperwork has to be dated within 30 days of applying for the licenses. I’m required to mail off for a S.L.E.D. check (a background check in SC), a physical from my doctor, a 10-year license history, a 10-finger fingerprint card, a sex offender registry report and a valid driver’s license of course LOL. I have finally gotten it all together! I have received my City of Charleston Chauffeur’s License, and am waiting til tomorrow when someone will be in the office in North Charleston to do a fingerprint card so I can go get my North Charleston chauffeur’s license! Tomorrow I will be able to take both licenses to Yellow Cab and get a date to start training!! WOOHOO!!!

I’ve also gotten my glasses, so I can once again SEE! I broke my glasses over 2 years ago, and haven’t had any since….although, somehow when I got my SC driver’s license I passes the eye exam without an eyeglass restriction. LOL 🙂

In the past week or so (well, a couple of weeks LOL), I’ve also joined with Take A Stand (, a group to help prevent bullying based out of Australia, and friended Caleb Laieski (founder) and Casey Cameron of GLUAD (Gays and Lesbians United Against Discrimination), who are helping with my cousin’s issue with being bullied in school. I’ve posted the link for GLUAD’s facebook page, but they also have a website you can check out soon. I’m hoping that I can work with these groups and people with my group TIN (Teens In Need) to help teens that need assistance of any kind. I’d also like to work on finding a way to help homeless gay teens here in Charleston, SC at some  point, but I think that might be a ways off before I’m ready to tackle that endeavor.

And please don’t forget about the other organizations that I’ve posted before! I’ll post links to them again here: an organization founded to help prevent gay teen suicide.
 an organization to help fight gay teen homelessness.


 an organization to prove that it gets better!


 an organization to help runaway teens.




All of these organizations are very important in our fight for teens to live happy well-adjusted lives, and to survive their teen years as kids are coming out younger and younger nowadays, making it more difficult for kids in school having to deal with coming out to their families, bullies at school, some being gay-bashed in school as well, depression and thoughts of suicide, along with some having to deal with religious upbringing on top of all the rest. Growing up catholic and gay, I know what it’s like with the family and religion thing, though I didn’t come out until I was 26 so I didn’t have to deal with bullying because I was gay, but I did have to deal with everyday bullying anyway.

Kids, if you need help, or just need someone to talk to, follow one of these links….it will help! There are things that can be done to help you, you just have to let us know you need help! And even if you’re not a teen, we’ll still help, so please don’t think we’d leave anyone out that needs help!